Supporting Workforce Development

FestEvents Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 that supports workforce development in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Through scholarship initiatives and strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations in the Food & Beverage industry, our goal is to provide access to training and professional development for those looking to make a career in the restaurant industry


The Love of Food

Our backgrounds are diverse but share a common thread.  We all love the magic that happens around a shared meal or gathering. We get excited every day thinking about ways we can bring people together over exceptional food.  And, that’s what we do over at FestEvents Group – plan and organize events that bring people together (usually over food).  

Our History

Alison Matis and Cheryl Weis formed FestEvents Group in 2017 when they realized that oftentimes they were working the same events, and could do bigger and better things if they worked together. Since partnering, they have handled the logistics for many Dallas culinary events including Taste of Dallas, Park and Palate, Dallas Arboretum Food  Wine Festival, Bits & Bites at the Dallas Arboretum, the Dallas Chocolate Festival, Chefs for Farmers and many, many more.

Develop New Talent

While supporting students has always been part of their job that they enjoy…it all came together working a food event that provided scholarships to culinary students as the result of a food competition.

By forming a foundation, Cheryl and Alison could formally commit to making the development of new culinary talent a real tenet of their business.

Cheryl and Alison added Emily Mantooth to the foundation’s team to bring marketing and organizational support. She shares in their enthusiasm for food, keeping organized, and supporting students on their journeys. 

Meet the Team

Cheryl Weis



Alison Matis