The uncertainty of the COVID crisis has put undo hardship on many in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Keeping certifications current and being ready to report to work is a key factor in improving the lives of these workers.  The FestEvents Foundation aims to remove this potential hurdle from people who are trying to stay in or renter the workplace in the service industry by covering the costs of these certificates. 


ServiceReady! provides no-cost testing for restaurant and hospitality workers. Currently, the program is providing funding for TABC and TX Food Handlers certificates. 


This program is funded by our monthly trivia night: Chef-ardy!  Ticket sales and sponsorship for this trivia night will cover the costs of test reimbursements



How it Works:

FestEvents Foundation is providing access to no-cost testing for TABC and Food Handlers Certifications. Simply fill out the application here. Once an application is approved, FestEvents will provide the applicant a single use coupon code for the Test Taking websites. Applicants can apply for either TABC or Food Handler certification, or both.  



Want to help?  (Hey, thanks! That’s awesome!) Donations to the ServiceReady! Program can be made by clicking the button below.