Who doesn’t love a little trivia night fun?  We sure do!


Chef-ardy! brings together local chefs and the trivia-loving public for a fun night to raise money for workforce development programming. 


One evening each month, a chef will host the Chef-ardy! trivia night (for now they’ll be on Zoom.)  Teams of up to four people will compete in three rounds of trivia, with some chef entertainment in between.  They’ll tell stories, answer questions, or introduce a recipe you can use to impress your friends.  


Even better, proceeds from Chef-ardy! tickets will go to the FestEvents Foundation ServiceReady! Program. This program provides no-cost certifications and renewals for industry members who need their TABC and Food Handlers in order to keep working. 



Event Details

Chef-ardy! is a monthly trivia night to support the ServiceReady! program. 

While we are in the thick of COVID-19, Chef-ardy! will happen via Zoom.

Participants can register as a team (of up to 4 members) or can sign up individually. Registered participants will be emailed the event link and password. Registration is $10 per person (plus Evenbrite fees).  Each member of the winning team will receive a prize…and our gratitude.  

To have fun and support the ServiceReady! Program.  ServiceReady! provides industry certifications at no cost for restaurant and hospitality workers who need to keep their certs current during these challenging times. 

See event schedule below.



Chef-ardy! Schedule: 


Oct. 13,

7:00 PM

Chef Nikky Phinyawatana

Join Chef Nikky Phinyawatana of Asian Mint for an evening of trivia and fun!   

Nikky Phinyawatan

Founder, Executive Chef
Asian Mint, Nikky Feeding Souls

Sept. 8,
7:00 PM

Chef Chad Houser

 Join Chef Chad Houser of Cafe Momentum for a fun night of trivia.   Putting your responses in the form of a question is optional. 

Chad Houser

Founder, CEO & Executive Chef
Cafe Momentum



August 11, 7:00 PM

Chef Nick Walker

 Join Chef Nick Walker of Profound Kitchen for a fun night of trivia.  Members of the winning team will each receive a super-tasty gift basket from Profound Foods.   This event is closed, please register for an upcoming month.   THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED.

Nick Walker

Executive Chef, Profound Foods 


You don’t have to play to help.  Donations to the ServiceReady! Program can be made by clicking the button below.